Iron Aces asset disposal policy.

The Iron Aces Group of Companies ensures that all shareholders and investors have the first opportunity to view and purchase company assets. We post all scheduled future disposals (Here).

Our staff and the general public have have equal opportunity to purchase and own expired or underutilized company property, assets and items no longer in use or of interest to our business groups, investors, and shareholders. 

Disposition of property, assets and items are sold two ways 1. Public Auction or 2. by utilizing various publicly visible marketplace channels. All disposal items scheduled for auction will be posted on your employee portal page to ensure you as an Iron Aces employee will have a time advantage over the general public to view the item being sold. Ask your manager or supervisor should you require more information or to view an item being sold. You may download an offer to purchase document below to submit to the items asset manager by email; 

Key notes

  • All sales are final. No refunds or returns.
  • Assets, items and property is always sold "as is" or "where is, as is"
  • No warranty is ever expressed or implied.
  • Unless sold at auction all shareholders and investors will be privy to receive first right of refusal prior to confirmation of sale of any and all properties, assets, or items.

Download offer to purchase document

Files coming soon.